Employee Expense Accounts 
Use prepaid debit cards as expense cards for your staff. Pre-funded payment cards
enable you to inexpensively load/reload, track, manage and reconcile account spending
AND eliminate the long delays associated with reimbursement checks.
Travelers’ Expenses
 ●     Assign cards to individuals or departments with spending controls, such as $$ per  
        transaction and per month.
 ●     Eliminate the problems associated with traveller’s checks.
Travelers’ Check Replacement
     Prepaid/Preloaded to replace travelers checks
Business Purchases
      Increase corporate savings in your commercial purchasing
                 process.  Set expenditure rules for any or every spending
                 category and in any governing combination.
      Unused funds are secured and stored in the prepaid bank
        account.  Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) protect
        against theft and fraud.
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