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Stored Value Solutions
You can depend on
Oxford TPS.
Corporate Prepaid Solutions
Oxford TPS provides a broad suite of innovative payment solutions including Combined Stored Value
and MasterCard branded cards with optional mobile payment capability.  Oxford's E-Commerce
solutions offer a faster & more secure Prepaid Card and optional proprietary processing engine
integrated into the banks' payment systems and which acts as agent for the banks.
Oxford provides corporations, merchants and government agencies the leverage of Oxford's
banking relationships throughout North America, Asia and Europe.
As a replacement for your current payroll payments system, Oxford TPS’ re-loadable payroll debit
cards and e-wallets can:
●  Streamline your payment process and save your organization money.
●  Increase employee job satisfaction, morale and loyalty.
●  Increase loyalty in commission agents and MLM members/distributors.
●  Eliminate costly costly check cashing while increasing the overall
efficiency of your payroll system.
●  Help merchants overcome the difficulty of obtaining and maintaining
merchant  payments processing.