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1315 Lawrence Ave. East, Suite 520
Flat 1003, Sinngga Commercial Bldg.,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Public Relations
Michael Donaghy
Phone : 1 800 293 4871
                                                                                      Phone: 1 800 293 4871
US Attorney
Elton F. Norman, The Norman Law Firm PLLC
Phone: (301) 588-4888
David Danziger & Brian Hochman
FAX: (301) 588-4887
Marketing and Advertising Opportunities
Oxford Investments Holdings also provides regular advertising and marketing opportunities                       
to our numerous clients sublicensees. If you have a cost-effective, relevant, and exciting
opportunity to submit, then please send a detailed description of your offer to                                
E-Mail: advertising@oxsof.com.